The latest buxom anime girls to make our hearts skip a beat are now appearing on some of the most unusual merchandise we’ve ever seen.

Last month we introduced you to the line-up of breast-heavy characters known as “Nipaishin”. Drawn in a way that mimics nitoshin (two-head scale), where the body and head are equal in size, “Nipaishin” means “two-breast scale”, which gives the head and bustline equal attention. That means being weighed down by a pair of mammoth breasts of course, but that’s easily fixed by lying on your front, propping your head on them and waving your legs gleefully in the air.

▼ The freaky eyeless character at bottom left is actually Paibo, the mascot for the Nipaishin brand.


While it’s hard to tell them apart by breasts alone, if some of the faces look familiar, that’s because six out of eight of them are characters from the anime and video game franchise Senran Kagura. The remaining two are from Valkyrie Drive. You can see who’s who in the lineup of acrylic “figures” below.

▼ Clockwise, from top left: Asuka, Yumi, Miyabi, Naraku, Ranka (from Valkyrie Drive), Rinka (from Valkyrie Drive), Kagura, and Homura. The acrylic 2.5-D figures retail for 1,500 yen each (US$12.31).


▼ A range of keyrings also features the characters as we know them, along with their more buxom Nipaishin versions, for 1,000 yen each.


And in a strange twist, you can purchase an ema votive prayer tablet adorned with your favourite busty character for 1,500 yen each. Write your wish on the back, hang it at your local shrine and wait for your anime dreams to come true. Are the gods fond of giant boobs, do you think?


▼ Jangly tin accessories are available for 800 yen each.


And if you’d like to take your girl out with you on trains and buses, these stickers are designed to cover your regular Suica transport card, and look remarkably similar. Only now they’re called Paica, with the pai referring to, you guessed it, oppai, the Japanese word for breasts. You can pick one of these up for 900 yen.


If you’d like to get your hands on one these cute items, they’re currently available for purchase from the official site.

Source and Images: @Press