Fans of Rumiko Takahashi’s classic sci-fi comedy will soon be able to wear summer and winter versions of the uniform as depicted in the new show.

Oni alien invader Lum is back in the new anime adaptation of Urusei Yatsura that began airing last month. This new anime stylishly updates the 1981 original for modern audiences while retaining the charm and Takahashi-like slapstick humor of the original, all with a dose of retro nostalgia thrown in the mix.

In celebration of the series’ revival, cosplay specialty store Cospatio has gifted us with the Tomobiki High School female uniforms worn by Lum and protagonist Ataru Moroboshi’s girlfriend Shinobu Miyake. The outfits were produced with official supervision by staff of the new anime.

▼ Winter version

Of particular note is that the cloth was dyed from scratch in order to achieve the correct shade of blue for each of the skirts. The pleats of the skirts are also folded by hand and vary in number depending on the size.

▼ Summer version

Meanwhile, the neck scarves come in a bright yellow or red for you to channel either Lum (yellow) or Shinobu (red). Both versions are made from firm fabric that keeps its shape around the collar area.

▼ Details such as the white stripes are lovingly recreated for real life.

There’s no word yet on whether wearing the uniforms will lead to the mischief and mayhem that typically accompany Lum, so have fun finding out for yourself!

Both versions of the uniform come in sizes S through XXL, though prices vary slightly based on the seasonal version. The winter top costs 24,200 yen (US$165) while the summer top costs 20,350 yen, but skirts go for 18,700 yen each and scarves for 3,300 yen each. While the winter uniform is expected to go on sale in mid-March 2023 and the summer version in early April 2023, reservations are now being accepted on Cospatio’s website. If you’re so inclined, perhaps you’d also like to create a full ensemble along with the other recent Urusei Yatsura fashion collaboration–Onitsuka Tiger sneakers.

Source: PR Times via Japaaan
Images: PR Times
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