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The publisher of Shonen Jump + is teaming with digital distributor MediBang to hold an amateur manga submission contest. Those who make the cut will see their manga on the virtual pages of the magazine!

Ever thought your genius story idea about a bagel that becomes sentient and does anime-style battle with other pastries for breakfast domination had some real legs, but couldn’t quite get your foot in the door with a publisher? Well, now’s your chance to submit your manga idea to someone that’ll actually give it the chance it deserves.

Shonen Jump publisher Shueisha and digital manga distributor MediBang have teamed to hold a contest beginning this month to choose some amateur manga stories to turn into full-fledged entries in Shonen Jump’s digital cousin, Shonen Jump +.

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According to MediBang, Japanese manga publishers have recently had trouble finding new manga talent, partially because the language barrier has blocked potential non-Japanese creators from getting their works seen in Japan. With the ongoing contest, Shueisha and MediBang hope to change this by offering to localize any foreign works that make the cut into Japanese using Shueisha’s team of professional translators.

Foreign creators hoping to enter the contest are encouraged to use MediBang’s “Medi Paint” digital comics drawing program to draw up a one-shot manga story under 50 pages in length. Then it’s as simple as adding the tag “Jump+ Manga Contest” and your work will automatically be forwarded to the contest’s board of judges.

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Apparently, just two stories will be chosen for publication, with prize money for the first, second and third-place winners set at 1 million yen (US$8,200), 300,000 yen, and 100,000 yen respectively. Additionally, even entrants that don’t make the cut may receive feedback from Shueisha and MediBang if the judges feel the work is strong enough to warrant it, meaning you can add a bagel-on-cronut romance subplot to your story and come back for another crack at the contest next year.

Entries are being accepted until March 17, 2016. Click here for more details.

Source: Internet Watch
Images: Official Website