No one-night stands, though, because the judges want an actual plot to go with the sensual shenanigans.

In some people’s minds, writing a hit manga shouldn’t be that difficult. Take whatever the popular trope or genre of the moment is, give the central conceit a cool twist and the character archetypes a few charming quirks, sprinkle in a liberal amount of sexy situations, and then just sit back and watch the fanbase grow, right?

Well, now you’ve got a chance to prove it, because manga publisher Shueisha is taking plot submissions for a new manga series to run in the pages of its Ultra Jump monthly comic anthology. The contest, which will be judged by the editors of Ultra Jump and staff of web novel-hosting site Novel Up Plus, has a simple, straightforward theme: “isekai (alternate world) and eroticism.”

However, the organizers are quick to say that though they want the plot to contain erotic elements, they don’t want a story about “random, one-time couplings.” Instead, they’re looking for entries where “the characters and their relationships develop over the course of the story.”

▼ “And then, as Yusuke felt the elven princess Tina von Cocoa’s nipples poking into his pupils, he realized ‘I want to fall into this woman’s boobs for the rest of my life.'”

Since the contest is strictly for plot ideas, there’s no need to submit any concept artwork. Instead, the submission is to consist of three written sections: an overall plot summary, more detailed descriptions of the plot for the first three chapters, and background on the characters. The grand-prize winner will be rewarded with 300,000 yen (US$2,800) and have their entry turned into a serialized manga in the pages of Ultra Jump. The runner-up will receive 200,000 yen and a one-shot manga adaptation of their story in Ultra Jump, and an unspecified number of honorable mentions will all receive 50,000 yen.

All applicants have to do is post their entries on Novel Up Plus with the tag UJ原作プロットコン (meaning “Ultra Jump Plot Idea Contest”) between now and June 12, with each of the three sections of the submission being no more than 1,000 Japanese-language characters in length. Winners will be announced in August, and if you’re having trouble getting started on the risque side of the story, this should help get the ball(s) rolling. Oh, and the contest’s organizers point out that multiple entries are allowed and even encouraged, which, actually, seems like it’d make an appropriate title for the sort of series they’re looking for.

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Source: Novel Up Plus via Comic Natalie via Anime News Network/Kim Morrissy
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