Massive manga mural appears in Tokyo station with nearly 100 feet of anime’s biggest stars【Pics】

Commuting through Shibuya subway station just got a lot cooler.

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This 2,264-page manga behemoth is the biggest Japanese comic anthology we’ve ever seen【Photos】

Two of Japan’s top manga publishers team up for a special collection of 44 different series in one huge book.

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Japan’s number-one cosplayer plans first major photo album with Dragon Ball, One Piece outfits

Enako is ready to take her cosplay act to its biggest stage yet with a brand-new photo collection produced by manga mega-publisher Shueisha.

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Japanese publisher Shueisha reveals plans to expand the Dragon Ball brand

Fans have a lot to look forward to, following the announcement that an intriguing new “Dragon Ball Room” was established earlier this year.

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Was the end of Kochikame, the longest-running manga series ever, foreshadowed two years ago?

After a recent announcement that the series will end, net users are buzzing that a sudden 2014 change in the comic actually predicted its conclusion.

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Shonen Jump + now taking manga submissions from Japan and abroad in new contest

The publisher of Shonen Jump + is teaming with digital distributor MediBang to hold an amateur manga submission contest. Those who make the cut will see their manga on the virtual pages of the magazine!

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Japanese Naruto fans to get every episode, issue for free via new iPhone/Android app

Even if you’re not an anime fan, you’ve no doubt heard that the hugely popular ninja series Naruto has finally reached its climax after more than 15 years. It’s never fun when a beloved show or serial comes to an end, and fans are often left searching for something new to fill the void in their lives that opens up when they do, but when you have a back-catalogue as rich and extensive as Naruto‘s, revisiting older instalments is sure to provide hours, if not weeks of pleasure.

Which, it seems, it precisely what Naruto‘s publisher is hoping both diehard fans and latecomers alike will do next, and is providing them with free issues of the manga and anime episodes direct to their smartphones via a brand new app for iOS and Android.

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New online game has players fulfilling the needs of endless waves of schoolgirls, it’s freaking hard and could you help you study Japanese

Growing up as a young girl isn’t easy, the problems both big and small, mental and physical seem endless. This coming-of-age dilemma is the basis of a new online game put out by girls’ manga magazine, Ribbon. Although, instead of a schoolgirl you take the role of a school nurse’s assistant charged with helping an onslaught of children unhappy with their smells and suffering nosebleeds in School Nurse’s Office.

Don’t let the cutesy artwork of the game fool you, this is deceptively challenging! At least zombies only want one thing.

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