comiket pokemon top

You’ve never seen Pokémon as classy as this before.

What makes a good cosplay? Is it the accuracy to the source? The quality of the cosplayer’s materials? How about putting a fun new spin on a familiar character?

That’s exactly what these Pokémon cosplayers did at the recent Comiket 89 convention, showing off a side to some Pokémon that we’ve never seen before.

▼ “Why are the Pokémon at Comiket so stylish? lol”

▼ Oh Cloyster, we all knew there was a sophisticated guy
hiding underneath that hard outer shell.

comiket cloysterTwitter/@soine_lov

▼ This Magnemite is dressed to electrify!

comiket magnemiteTwitter/@soine_lov

▼ Yikes! Somebody get a water-type in here because things are heating up!

magnemite shirtlessTwitter/@warotawbot

▼ Hey, you can’t expect us to show off a bunch of Pokémon cosplay pictures without the obligatory cute Umbreon.

comiket umbreonTwitter/@mao__peco

▼ Is it a girl cosplaying as a Torchic, or a Torchic cosplaying as a girl?

torchic cosplayTwitter/@nana_vov_tsuki

▼ Hey, it’s Pikachu! Everyone loves Pikachu, right? …why are you running away?

comiket pikachuTwitter/@warotawbot

Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say about these unique Pokémon cosplays:

“They’re super-effective on my heart!”
“Now that’s a Magnemite I would address as Sir Magnemite.”
“That Pikachu makes me feel quite uncomfortable….”
“Isn’t the Cloyster head heavy? And how can they even see?”
“Don’t you know? The higher the sacrifice, the higher the fashion.”

Of course, now that we have stylish Pokémon, it’s time to crank up the fancy-meter. The next logical step: Pokémon in top hats and monocles. I need to see a lavish tea party between a Metapod and Eevee. Cosplayers of the world, you know what you must do!

Source: Twitter/@soine_lov via Twicolle
Featured/top image: Twitter/@soine_lov