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Mad Max: Fury Road was arguably one of the best five movies released this year, and there’s no doubt that it held sway over cinema-going audiences around the world, including Japan. The film was intense and imaginative and packed with riveting visual storytelling. Also, the explosions were super cool! Even so, as the year winds down and the new year looms large on the horizon, we kind of expect people to just chill with their families and maybe forget about the awesome films they enjoyed over the last 12 months.

But that was not the case for this Japanese Twitter user, who decorated her own kadomatsu and kagami mochi with an abundance of Max Max awesomeness!

“Well, I’ve finished the Max Max kagami mochi and kadomatsu! It turned out to be a celebratory (and by that I mean stupid) design. I’ll be taking it to the Max Max Countdown Film Screening! #MadMax #AMadMaxNewYear #HappyNewYearMadMax”

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In case you’re not too familiar with New Year in Japan, the kadomatsu is usually placed outside the home and is “temporary housing” for gods to stay in during the New Year. Kagami mochi were originally round rice cakes placed in the home as offerings for Shinto and Buddhist deities, though these days many people buy plastic molds and basically use them as decorations.

▼ A non-Mad Max set of kadomatsu


▼ Not at all shiny kagami mochi


Well, we suppose Max is a bit god-like in his ability to survive just about everything, so we can’t fault @CHiHiR0_0 for giving the traditional decorations a fresh, crazy spin!

And if you’re wondering about this countdown film screening, we have sad news for you — tickets are already sold out. But in case you’re wondering what kind of fun you’ll be missing out on, it seems that the Shinbugeiza in Ikebukuro will be showing the film on New Year’s Eve to ring in the new year! Looking at the “rules” for the screening, it also seems like this won’t be your typical visit to the theater either — they’re telling people it’s okay to scream, clap, and even bring instruments. Cosplay is also okay—though they won’t be allowing alcohol to be brought in or body painting since it will mess up the seats (though face painting is okay). So, basically, unless you already have tickets, you’ll be missing out on the best New Year’s party of 2016.

▼ Especially if @CHiHiR0_0’s cosplay from October is any indication!

But you can stay home and watch Mad Max: Fury Road by yourself. Or you could just turn yourself into Max like our obsessed Japanese writer!

Sources: ITMedia, Twitter/@CHiHiR0_0
Featured image: Twitter/@CHiHiR0_0