RocketNews24’s top 10 Japan Events of 2016: Did your favorite make the list?

We’ve included some events and scandals that were big in Japan, so be sure to find out what they are!

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Help choose RocketNews24’s “Cat of the Year 2016”

We look back on five cats who have contributed the most to shaping the world in 2016, and you can help us by submitting your vote for the top Cat Of The Year.

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“Gold” named 2016 Kanji of the Year

This is the third time “gold” (kin, 金) has been named Kanji of the Year.

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2016 on track to be (subjectively) worst year yet, so here’s a bunch of amazing cats!【Photos】

Here’s a roundup of the best pictures of cats from Japanese Twitter users.

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New business model aims for US$855 million in profits in several years.

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What’s the best way to write “Happy New Year?” With cats, of course!

The new year may have already begun according to the calendar, but it hasn’t really started until you see this video!

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8 Japan-related events to look forward to in 2016!

There’s a lot to look forward to in the Year of the Monkey—Here are just a few of the top Japan-related events you won’t want to miss in 2016!

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Checking out Muji’s lucky bag: Almost 10,000 yen worth of stuff for a fraction of the price

US$100 worth of Muji stationery for less than $10? It must be Lucky Bag time!

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【2016 Lucky Bag Roundup】Contents of McDonald’s 2016 lucky bags revealed!

Want to see what you can get in one of McDonald’s lucky bags this year? So do we!

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Happy New Year from RocketNews24!

And just like that, 2015 was no more! It’s now January 1 all the way across Asia, which means it’s officially the Year of Monkey! Happy New Year, everyone!

We’ll be putting our feet up for the rest of today, but we promise we’ll be back tomorrow with more of the news, cuteness, cats, food, fukubukuro, Mr Sato and all the weird and wonderful stuff from Japan and Asia that you know—and hopefully love—us for.

Thank you for continuing to visit our site, share our stories and follow us on Twitter and Facebook (281K and counting!!), and for helping us to grow and grow. 2015 was very good to us, but here’s hoping that 2016 will fill us all with the sprightly energy of a whole mess of merry monkeys and that we can continue to make our little site even better—although hopefully without any poo-slinging.

Stay tuned, Rocketeers, and have yourselves a great New Year’s Day!

Traditional Japanese New Year’s decorations with a Mad Max theme? WHAT A LOVELY DAY!


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Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Reveals 2016’s series ranking for male readers

The 2016 edition of Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (This Manga Is Amazing!) guidebook announced its lists of the top manga series on Thursday.

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Look forward to 2016 with new anime Active Raid from the director of Code Geass!

More often than not, stories and franchises start as manga in Japan and, if they become popular enough, you will see them evolve into an anime, musical, or sometimes even a live-action versions. While it is great to see our favorite stories presented in different formats, viewers will usually know exactly where the plot will go and how the characters develop.

A show that can never fall victim to that trap is a completely original anime series that makes its debut on the TV screen. You won’t know if it’s going to be any good, but with the kind of pedigree behind Active Raid: Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit, you can bet we are looking forward to its 2016 release. Though it’s going to take us a while to use its full name in conversation…

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Japan Post continues the New Year’s stamp tradition with cute Year of the Monkey story

Last winter, while people in Japan were getting ready to send their nengajo (New Year greeting cards) to family and friends, Japan Post did something amazing. Instead of releasing just any ol’ stamp for the Year of the Sheep in 2015, they made what was obviously a continuation of the stamp from 12 years prior. You see, in 2003, there was a darling sheep knitting a scarf on one of their special stamps, and in 2015 that same sheep was proudly wearing the finished product.

The story was a nice, feel-good moment for many, and people starting wondering whether this was a one-time occurrence or if Japan Post was going to continue this “stamp story” two years in a row. We are happy to say that they appear to be starting a tradition, as the Year of the Monkey is also getting an adorable back-story!

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