Earthquake-affected areas more or less saying they’d rather starve than take on Extra Spicy MAX END Yakisoba.

After a 6.7-Magnitude earthquake (now updated to a 7) struck the northern island of Hokkaido, causing deaths, injuries, and widespread damage, residents now find themselves in the nerve-wracking state of uncertainty over whether the worst is over or yet to come.

Naturally, a subsequent rush on supplies took place, with huge lines forming outside supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan. With no certainty over how long the emergency situation might last, people quickly gathered as much food, water, and other supplies as they could to last the coming days.

However, as Twitter user Keenu (@Keeenu) noticed, there was one product in particular that people simply refused to take.

Normally, instant noodles are a good choice to keep around the home in case of emergency, as they can last a long time and the water that heats them up can even be reused. These weren’t ordinary noodles, however. They were Peyang Extra Spicy MAX END yakisoba packs.

The “END” is perhaps a reference to the many previous Peyang MAX spicy noodles, and implies that they have now made them as spicy as modern science has allowed them to. Our own Go Hatori tried one out last week when they were released and while he admits they aren’t the spiciest things in the world, they did cause him to break out into a sweat.

The impromptu boycott on MAX END noodles brought a little bit of levity to an otherwise tragic situation, as shown by comments.

“That is funny MAX.”
“Hokkaido people don’t like spicy food?”
“Yeah, you definitely don’t need that lol.”
“I guess it’s a choice of dying from hunger or spiciness.”
“They were simply following the instructions on the package and left it until the END.”
“Of course, that stuff will dehydrate you at a time when you have to conserve water.”

The last comment probably pointed out the best reason not to eat extremely spicy foods in such a circumstance. The grim packaging with a bloody “END” written on it surely didn’t make it any more attractive either though.

Unfortunately though, I think these people are making a huge mistake in not buying Extra Spicy MAX END, because it is still an extremely valuable food for a disaster situation.

As we found when trying it out, and like most instant noodles, the spicy sauce is packaged separately. That means that you do not have to use it when eating. You can just have it plain or add whatever else you have lying around the house.

So, if anyone is reading this out in Hokkaido and still needs some food to add to their supplies, please do go and buy Extra Spicy MAX END without fear. It might come in handy, and even when the emergency passes you can use them as gifts for people you don’t like. It’s win-win.

Source: Twitter/@Keeenu, Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@Keeenu
Insert images: SoraNews24