From Pikachu to Totoro, these onigiri rice balls are as cute as they are delicious-looking!

For years, cute lunches in Japan have revolved around the well-known kyaraben (character-bento) lunchbox. Where the kyaraben features flat, box-bound designs that could double as paintings on the walls of a contemporary art gallery, now there’s a new group of cute anime edibles with rounded, 3-D bodies that might be more at home sitting in a museum. Meet the 3-D onigiri rice ball collection, created by Thai Facebook user peaceloving_pax, who sees the plate as a playground for some of the world’s most beloved anime characters.

Cinnamoroll, a popular character series from Sanrio that centres on adorable white puppies with long ears, makes for an adorable rice ball.

Since his creation back in 1969, Doraemon had to wait 45 years before finally appearing in 3-D form in the 2014 movie Stand By Me. Now he looks as if he’s stepped out of the movie and into real-life in the form of an edible rice ball!

Gudetama, Sanrio’s lazy egg character, appears in a well-known pose, going to sleep under a blanket of bacon.

This is one character who needs no introduction: Totoro!

Pusheen, the chubby grey tabby cat, also makes an appearance.

Cute hamster Hamtaro began life as the star of a Japanese children’s manga and storybook series before moving on to star in movies and video games. Now he’s ready to please your tastebuds in rice-ball form.

Tony Chopper, from the hit One Piece anime franchise.

Pikachu looks excited to be hanging out as a deliciously adorable rice ball.

You don’t have to be a well-known anime character to be cute. Cats, shiba-inu dogs and reindeer all have their own special charm too.

The adorable Bob Minion flies the flag for Hollywood animation stars.

As well as mastering the art of onigiri rice ball characters, peaceloving_pax also experiments with eggs and shiratama dango (glutinous rice balls), when creating 3-D characters.

Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo is in her element, all shiny and delectable, thanks to her glutinous rice-ball body.

Sanrio’s Gudetama also gets the glossy treatment!

If you’d like to try making these edibles at home, peaceloving_pax has been generous in sharing her tricks of the trade, with a Bunny Poo rice ball how-to explanation.

And a Totoro Egg how-to below.

To see more amazing designs and how-to videos, be sure to check out the artist’s Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel! Is anyone else suddenly very, very hungry??

Source and Images: peaceloving_pax