For the rice ball lover who has everything.

Our Japanese-language reporter K. Masami is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting gacha capsule toys, so whenever she comes across the clear little plastic machines, she always stops to check what’s inside them.

A lot of the machines contain run-of-the-mill varieties she’s seen dozens of times before, but the other day she spotted an unusual offering that grabbed her attention and had her instantly reaching into her wallet for some coins.

What looked like a bunch of rice balls actually turned out to be a cute collection called the “Onigiri Ring“. This cute range lets you dazzle people with tantalising morsels of food on your fingers, and each ring comes inside its very own onigiri box!

Masami inserted the required 300 yen (US$2.90) and spun the dial around to receive her ring. When the onigiri case plonked into the bottom tray, she couldn’t help but smile as this was her first time seeing a rice ball inside a gacha machine, and it looked…weirdly real!

The rice ball that popped out was orange, to mimic the tomato-sauce rice used for Omuraisu (omelette rice) flavours.

▼ Tomato sauce, rice, and omelette are three essential ingredients for omuraisu

With five different rings available, Masami was keen to find out which one she’d received. So she popped the box open and found…this.

She couldn’t immediately make out what it was, as it just appeared to be a pile of vegetables, but after checking the attached pamphlet, she realised it was omuraisu!

It made sense, seeing as it was delivered inside an omelet rice rice ball, so she popped it on her finger and held her hand out to admire her 300-yen jewellery.

Initially, she thought she would scoff at the cheap ring but she actually really liked it! The fact that it was hard to make out what it was added to the appeal, as it simply looked like a colourful pop ring that would brighten up any outfit.

▼ Nobody but Masami will be craving omuraisu while wearing this little beauty!

The other rings in the range are modelled on different rice ball fillings like tuna and fish roe, making this a great gift or souvenir for the onigiri lover in your life who has everything. And if you’re after a collection of rings modelled on Japanese fish cans, why yes — there’s a collection for that too!

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