Well, that’s one way to bring all the boys to your well-raked yard…

Shrines and temples in Japan are no strangers to merch. Along with the usual prayer tablets and miniature fortune scrolls, visitors are usually able to purchase shrine-specific items such as bracelets, key rings, charms for good luck, charms to protect you while driving, charms to help you pass exams, you name it.

But why buy a boring old Shinto charm when you could have a moe-style priestess protecting you—and your electronic devices, no less—from the evils of the world?

Reportedly on sale at a little-known shrine in central Kyoto, these trinkets are perfect for the modern otaku who wants a dash of kawaii with his or her good fortune. Say hello to Miko-chan. Or should that be –tan?

▼ Cutest priestess ever?


▼ She’s everywhere!


▼ Another satisfied customer!

▼ They even have smartphone cases. No malware for you, oh no!

If you’re ever in Kyoto, be sure to stop by and pick up a moe Miko of your own!

Source: Jin
Featured image: Twitter/hayakawasouta