Udon or soba, kitsune or tempura…you can’t go wrong with any of these noodles.

Nissin Donbei noodle bowls are some of the most popular instant noodles out there when you need to fill up your belly for cheap. Now, Bandai Namco has teamed up with Nissin Foods for a line of adorable noodle bowls that you can take with you wherever you go.

The Nissin Donbei noodle bowl miniature charms will be available at stores selling gashapon, or capsule toys, throughout Japan beginning the second week of December. Each one is approximately 3.5 centimeters (1.4 inches) in diameter and features the exterior packaging of a Nissin Donbei noodle bowl along with individual noodle toppings affixed as a separate charm on the chain.

One play at the capsule toy machine will cost 300 yen (US$2) and will net you one of five randomly selected noodle bowl charms, detailed below.

First is the classic kitsune udon noodle bowl, with the side charm in the form of a thick slab of fried and seasoned tofu.

Second is the tempura soba noodle bowl, with the side charm in the shape of a healthy serving of tempura flakes.

Third is the kakiage (mixed vegetable and seafood fritter) tempura udon noodle bowl, with the vegetables in the kakiage adding a nice splash of color to the side charm.

Fourth is the kitsune udon in Nissin’s “Strongest Donbei” noodle bowl line featuring thicker noodles and enhanced seasoning. It features the fried tofu as the side charm again.

Fifth and finally is the kakiage soba in the “Strongest Donbei” noodle bowl line, with its distinctive kakiage fritter as the side charm.

If all this talk of toy noodles has made you hungry, you may want to visit a branch of this ramen restaurant in Japan where you can choose your surprise meal by means of a special capsule toy ordering machine.

Source, images: PR Times
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