Comfy loungewear or cute cosplay… Why not both?

Even if you’ve never been to Japan, you’re likely to be familiar with the red-and-white outfit worn by shrine priestesses, or miko, through anime or manga. (Sailor Mars, anyone?)


Have you ever thought it would be great to do a miko cosplay but haven’t had the opportunity or occasion to do so? Well, if this shrine priestess loungewear becomes a reality, you can have a miko experience in the comfort of your own home!


The creators behind the miko loungewear, MOCOLLE, have started a crowdfunding campaign (which, unfortunately, requires you to have a Japanese address to donate) to make their idea a reality. To reach their ambitious goal of 1,000,000 yen (US$9,848), MOCOLLE is offering a number of exciting gifts to those making larger donations. A donation of 7,500 yen ($74) will get you a loungewear outfit delivered to you for free, as well as a special photograph of the cute model seen here – Kuroneko, former member of a cosplaying idol group – which can only be attained through the crowdfunding campaign. Since the miko loungewear will be selling for 9,000 yen ($89), donating to the cause is an excellent way to get a deal!


Their gift package for donations of 11,000 yen will get you a loungewear set, a photograph in data form of Kuroneko, and a New Year’s nengajou postcard sent to you from Kuroneko herself.


The loungewear will be made from a light and comfortable cotton/polyester blend and will be a full one-piece outfit, as opposed to a separate robe top and hakama bottoms, for extra comfort. The waist will have an elastic band to allow for varying-sized wearers and a skirt-length that will accommodate wearers up to around 165 centimeters (5 feet 5 inches) in height.


The fundraiser is open until 23:59 on October 31, and the miko loungewear will only become a reality of the 1,000,000 yen goal is made, so if you want to rock a lovely priestess outfit of your own and are able to donate, your time is limited!

Source and images: Campfire via KAI-YOU