umbrella 1

It’s true. All Japanese people are secretly ninjas.

Perhaps one of the lesser known cultural quirks about Japanese people is that they often carry an umbrella with them and they aren’t afraid to deploy them when necessary. Even if they are quickly crossing the street or hiding under the eaves of roofs, those umbrellas are out and protecting the user from the rain.

One Japanese man took to Twitter to explain the reason for this phenomenon and his accompanying video is absolutely perfect.

“When I talk with Europeans or people from the U.S., I find that they often don’t open their umbrellas. So, at a drinking party I jokingly said, ‘In Japan the spread of umbrellas is a relic of having katana, and should it become necessary, we use it like this!’”

“I feel a bit guilty seeing them being convinced and staring at me with their innocent eyes.”

While @keriwaza obviously made this comment in jest, those are some serious moves he’s got! We like the double umbrella wielding and how he opens the umbrella as a shield.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t mess with Texas?” Well perhaps there should be a new phrase, “Don’t mess with Japanese people in the rain.” Be sure to check out more of @keriwaza’s sweet moves on his Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Top image: Twitter/@kerizawa