The look of a man clipping away the last pieces of himself that are still alive.

Japan has come up with some odd inventions over the years. We’ve seen chair umbrellas, wheels to roll along your umbrella on the ground, and yeah, a lot of strange umbrella accessories.

But forget adding things to umbrellas. It’s 2018! It’s time to add things to smartphones. 

And the Japanese company Thanko, provider of many other “rare items,” has recently done just that. They’ve released a product that’s so bizarre, we literally cannot imagine anyone ever using it: the smartphone nose-hair cutter.

▼ Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’s the sweet spot.

For a mere 1,480 yen (US$13), you can plug a electronic blade into your smartphone and stick it into your nose!

To be be fair, that might not be the best selling point, so we’ll go ahead and just give you the translation of the product description:

“This item is a small nose-hair cutter you can use by just plugging it into your iPhone/Android. No charging or batteries necessary, quick cleanup and quick use. Perfect for when you… suddenly notice a hose hair sticking out. Cleaning brush also included, so you can always keep it sanitary.”

▼ Wow, no charging or batteries? It’s almost as if… just carrying around a
small pair of hair-clipping scissors would be a lot easier and less awkward.

Of course, that’s what we thought before we saw the pictures of the smartphone nose-hair cutter in use. There’s one feature that this gadget delivers that no pair of scissors or clippers ever could: the existential realization that you’re actually using a smartphone nose-hair clipper to clip your nose hairs.

▼ “Yup, this is what my life has come to.”

 ▼ “At least I’m alone in the bathroom.
…and at home. All the time.”

If you’re really feeling like giving your nose hairs and mental well-being a nice little tug, then you can get yourself a smartphone nose-hair cutter of your own at Thanko’s website.

For the rest of us though, we’ll just stick to good old fashioned, perfectly normal nostil waxing, thank you very much.

Source, images: Thanko
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