car 1

Though the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, always drive around the giant iron beams.

Someday driverless cars may be all over the road, which we really hope means no more vehicle accidents. Until then, Internet videos will show us crazy incidents that we are amazed people walk away from unscathed.

▼ Caution: Objects in front windshield may be lower than they appear.

Normally, crazy car stuff would be coming to us from Russia thanks to so many drivers mounting dash cams, but today’s video is from China. Upon seeing a giant obstacle in the road, most drivers would go around it, just as the first few drivers do. The driver of the hour, however, decides that his car can probably sneak underneath the roadblock. Or maybe the local auto body shop was completely booked up and this driver just really wanted the top chopped as fast as possible.

▼ “Those bars came out of nowhere!”

car 3

Luckily there were no injuries as the driver made it through unscathed, but the physical damage to the car was fairly extensive. Good thing there isn’t a box for metaphysical damage on an insurance report, because the driver’s pride just took a huge beating as well.

Source: Toychan
Images: YouTube/CCTV News