Now you can dress like your favourite Sailor Moon character without looking like you’re on the way to a cosplay convention.

It might not be possible to get away with wearing sailor style school uniforms in our day-to-day lives, but there is a way to transform ourselves into our favourite Sailor Moon characters with a little bit of imagination and creative flair. From the charming Chibiusa to Mistress 9 and even the infamous Black Lady, Twitter user @nemuihitooo has come up with 12 brilliant looks to help us bring some off-duty Sailor Warrior style to our everyday wardrobe.


Let’s take a look at the 12 outfit ideas in more detail below.

The Usagi Tsukino style requires lots of pale pink, some delicate jewellery, and a cropped jacket to give an edge to an otherwise demure look. For Ami Mizuno, there’s lots of blue, offset with white accents and a pair of spectacles. Rei Hino‘s look hikes up the skirt, uses bold red lipstick and nailpolish, and throws in a backpack with ankle-length platform boots and a pair of dangly earrings. Makoto Kino wears the pants, with a flowy white top and cardigan and deep shades of green. Minako Aino‘s style sticks to orange accessories, which complement a blue-and-white polka dot dress.


Chibiusa‘s style includes a combination of pale pink and hot-pink items, along with some white patterned tights and an adorable bunny backpack. Hotaru Tomoe‘s outfit includes lots of black, with a velvet clutch purse and a lavender dress and jewellery. The Black Lady look is all about expensive taste, with ruby and diamond jewellery, fur, and a jet-black and maroon palette. Mistress 9 focusses on sleek lines, with black and white monotones and silver jewellery.


Haruka Tennou‘s base colours are in the warm neutrals spectrum, offset with a black-and-white check scarf and minimal use of jewellery. Michiru Kaiou‘s look includes a long green-and-white dress with a dark green headband, strappy stilettos and a pair of seashell earrings. To dress like Setsuna Meiou, you’ll need dark colours like black, maroon and deep red, with gold jewellery and a pair of suede gloves.


Twitter users are loving all the outfit suggestions, with a surprising number of people going with Mistress 9 as their style choice. Which outfit did you like best? Let us know below!

Source: Twicolle
Images: Twitter/@nemuihitooo