Everyone loves a cute tuchus!


Starting on January 18, Japanese sweets and pastry chain Ginza Cozy Corner will release their newest bite-sized cakes based on Disney characters. Last year, Cozy Corner produced boxes of mini-cakes based on Disney’s princess, but in 2016, they’re taking things in a different direction. You’ll still be able to buy boxes of mini-cakes based on Disney character — only now you’ll be getting a package full of Tsum Tsum character butts!

▼ We don’t know if we should be scandalized or just hungry…


Included characters (or at least their behinds) and flavors are:

● Chip, as a strawberry-chocolate tart
● Dale, as a banana-chocolate tart
● Olaf, as a yogurt-flavored roll
● Pluto, as a banana-flavored white chocolate tart
● Mickey Mouse, as a framboise jelly and white chocolate tart
● Minnie Mouse, as a white chocolate tart with framboise jam
● Winnie the Pooh, as a honey tart
● Alien, as a mint-flavored white chocolate tart
● Tigger, as a pumpkin tart with caramel-chocolate ganache

The Disney Tsum Tsum Collection will be available from January 18 until February 14 and will retail for 2,268 yen (about US$19). Cozy Corner has 519 locations across Japan, so if you’re in the country, there’s a good chance one is near you, though the collections will only be available at branches that serve fresh sweets.

Then again, if you’re in the mood for something a bit more traditional, you might want to check out a tea ceremony in person instead!

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Featured image/images: PR Times