Rei Ayanami

Three new Evangelion Tamagotchi arrive so you can raise your own Angel after the franchise ends

It’s the Evatchi Second Impact!

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Evangelion Store popularity contest reveals surprising results for a former fan favorite

When the popularity of an Evangelion pilot falls, apparently it falls fast.

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Legendary voice actress Megumi Hayashibara laments derivative anime, loss of 1990s’ ambition

“Anime that’s trying to be like previous hits can never surpass the originals.”

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This is the Rei Ayanami doll we’ve been anticipating since last year—and it was worth the wait!

The final item in the Evangelion x Japanese Sword doll series looks awesome…and she’ll cut you if you disagree.

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Paint your room in Ayanami Blue with official Evangelion paint

While there’s no way you could call the Evangelion franchise underappreciated as a whole, one part of the anime classic that often gets overlooked is its effective use of color. Add a couple of splashes of green and black to a field of purple, for example, and any fan will instantly think of the show’s central robot, Eva Unit-01.

Likewise, it’s impossible to imagine Rei Ayanami, Evangelion’s most famous female character, without the otherworldly fragile aura imparted by her distinctive blue hair. The color is so iconic that one Japanese paint company has even started selling a new shade, Ayanami Blue, that’s an exact match or Rei’s trademark tresses.

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Rey Ayanami’s Spear of Longinus is a Large and Unsightly Broken Churro

On August 15, Japanese convenience store chain Lawson launched a Evangelion tie-in campaign to promote the November release of the film Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

Like any other Japanese convenience store promotion, Lawson is selling a small collection of limited-edition Evangelion goods and snacks. Among them is a package of 2 “churro sticks” called “Rei Ayanami’s Spear of Longinus,” supposedly modeled after the iconic weapon.

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