The super-cute collaboration with popular “Relaxed Bear” character Rilakkuma includes two special doll models and a life-sized, functional backpack.

Hot on the heels of her modeling debut in the October issue of Japanese fashion magazine Oggi, popular Japanese dress-up doll Licca-chan (the Japanese equivalent of Barbie) has announced through her publicists that she is next collaborating with Rilakkuma for two new chic getups. Phew, even plastic models have busy schedules!

The two versions are set to be released on November 5, but we’ve already gotten a peek at their accompanying outfits and accessories. Both of them come with a miniature Rilakkuma figure for Licca-chan to hold and love, just like many of her real-life owners, no doubt.

In the first collaborative model, Licca-chan dons an adorable pink, Rilakkuma-print dress complete with a Rilakkuma-ear headband, dainty shoes, and long, straight hair. This version sells for 3,800 yen (US$37).

▼ Rilakkuma x Licca-chan


In the second model, dubbed the “Going-out style,” Licca-chan wears her hair piled into two buns which mimic Rilakkuma’s ears. She also sports a more casual denim jacket, Rilakkuma-themed t-shirt, white skirt, and boots, but perhaps the most exciting additions are a denim tote bag and a pink backpack, both stylized after the relaxed bear.

▼ Rilakkuma x Licca-chan “Going-out style”


As this version is limited to a mere 2,000 dolls, it is priced higher at 6,000 yen ($58).

In addition, fans of matching outfits are in luck because you can even purchase a life-sized version of the pink, Rilakkuma-ear backpack for 5,800 yen ($56)! Stroll around the streets of your city with your own Rilakkuma plushie and matching Licca-chan doll, and people will undoubtedly be seeing double.




Both collaborative doll models can now be pre-ordered through the Takara Tomy Mall (Japanese only), Lawson convenience stores’ Loppi service, or at Rilakkuma Stores throughout Japan. The life-sized Rilakkuma backpack seems to be available for pre-order at in-store locations only.

First released in 1967, Licca-chan will celebrate her 50th anniversary next year. Fans should keep an eye out for other exciting goods in the upcoming months!

References/Images: Licca-chan Official Website, Takara Tomy Mall
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