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Panasonic showed off a transparent display seemingly straight out of Tony Stark’s lab at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

At the most recent Consumer Electronics Show (the official name is actually “CES”), Panasonic unveiled a slice of the future in the form of an interactive, 1080p transparent TV display panel that is currently in the prototype stage. More like a multifunctional multimedia center, the display allows one to watch TV, browse through personal photos, listen to music, and even connect to the Internet, all while being controlled through either motion or voice sensors.

But why the need for transparency, you ask? A Panasonic spokesperson present at the event explained that the display’s transparent mode allows it to better blend into the surrounding room while resting, unlike a typical darkened TV screen when off.

▼ Now you see the shelf contents behind it…


▼ …and now you don’t!


In addition, the display is attached to the shelves on its left and rights edges by a set of rails, which allows you to adjust the height of the screen depending on where you’re sitting in the room.

Check out this brief demo clip from CES 2016 of its various features:

Japanese net users were awed by the transparent display, expressing their excitement in the following comments:

“It’s finally here!”

“Does the window become a TV, or does the TV become a window?”

“I thought it was a hologram TV for a second. But that’ll probably appear within my lifetime anyway.”

“I can soon fulfill my dream of playing with those transparent displays like in Iron Man!”

“It would look super out-of-place in my disheveled room…”

While the prototype appears to function fluidly without problem, it apparently won’t be commercially available for at least another two years. Better brush up on your Tony Stark typing skills before then!

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Images: YouTube/RC Willey