Transparent soy sauce is a thing — we saw it, we tried it, we’re confused by it

Our resident soy sauce fanatic gives it a try and breaks her brain in the process.

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Suntory explains the simple science behind how it makes its amazing clear tea beverages【Video】

Video demonstration released to celebrate the launch of new Transparent Black Tea.

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The future is here: Panasonic unveils interactive, transparent display at CES 2016

Panasonic showed off a transparent display seemingly straight out of Tony Stark’s lab at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

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The makers of wasabi-beef chips bring you… transparent chips and how to make them! 【Video】


How do you automatically make anything cooler? By making it transparent, of course! We’ve seen transparent coke and transparent smartphones before, but what about transparent food? Being able to see through something while you eat it has to make it more delicious, right?

Well, that’s what the people who made transparent potato chips thought. Yamayoshi, the same company that brings you delicious wasabeef (wasabi and beef flavor) chips, tried their hand at making chips that give a nice, clear crunch. Check out their video demonstrating the creation of the glass-like chips to see their reaction and then try making some yourself!

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A new yuru-kyara from Kyoto you have to see to believe

When you think about Japan’s obsession with the yuru-kyara, you will notice a few pretty common characteristics between the mascots, especially when looking at the past grand prix winners. Kumamon, Sanomaru, Gunma-chan, and Bary-san are all large, cute, fuzzy and somewhat aloof. Which is why it’s so strange to see one of the newest yuru-kyaras to debut.

Warabi Maiko-chan doesn’t seem that cute or fuzzy. In fact, whatever characteristics this new mascot is supposed to have, we can clearly say, we can see right through her.

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You Asked for It and Now It’s Here: See-Through Paper! You Did Ask for It, Right?

On 18 March an announcement was made that shook the world of manufacturing. For centuries man has had to endure white paper for writing down notes, works of art, or fake telephone numbers from girls met in the bar.

Sure, there was the development of colored paper, but that’s just putting lipstick on a pig. The real innovation will come in the not too distant future when we will be able to enjoy paper the way it was truly meant to be – nearly invisible!

Think of the applications! Seriously, think about it, because we had to for a really long time.

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