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Clever cues from 2-D fashion help turn heads in the 3-D world.

While Japan’s Village Vanguard bills itself first and foremost as a bookstore, the chain actually handles a wide variety of merchandise. It’s not just a supplier of quirky, offbeat books, but also things like Attack on Titan curry, space tea, and decommissioned rocket ship pieces.

Village Vanguard also dabbles in fashion, and its newest offering is a line of skirts designed to seemingly give you the slim, svelte silhouette and long, luxurious legs of an anime heroine.

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Produced by fashion design house No. S Project, the skirts are officially called the Intersection of the 2-D World and Destiny Skirts. As the name implies, they’re inspired by the appearance of characters in anime, manga, and video games.

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The polyester skirt is high-waisted and fits snugly through the small of the back. It’s not exactly a corset, but it will help to make the midsection look slimmer than a less-constructed waist, and by raising the perceived position of the waist, it also gives the impression of longer legs.

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In addition, the skirt is stitched in a way that causes it to quickly billow out as the material passes the hips, which again makes the waist look slimmer by comparison.

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The maroon and brown skirts are priced at 16,200 yen (US$135), while the black and gray versions are slightly pricier at 17,280 yen. The entire line can be ordered here through the Village Vanguard website.

Source: IT Media
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