Now you can feel like an adventurer chancing upon riches every time you reach for the tissues.

Japanese novelty retailer Village Vanguard is known for its array of weird and wonderful merchandise, which includes everything from blue apple jam to ramen and miso bath powders. Now, they’re bringing an ubiquitous item from the video game world into homes and giving it an unusual twist with the Hero’s Treasure Chest Tissue Box.


Anyone who’s been on a quest in the gaming world will know what it’s like to stumble upon a chest like this. Opening it can bestow the finder with riches, weapons, ammo or potions, depending on which computer-generated world you’re in. In the game of life, however, Village Vanguard believes it’s the perfect spot to store some tissues.


The Hero’s Treasure Chest Tissue Box was created after members of Village Vanguard’s purchasing department were asked to contribute ideas for an incredibly unique item. Buyers routinely source unusual products from various companies to sell at Village Vanguard, so they know more than anyone when it comes to what types of weird and whacky items exist on the market. It turns out that one of the things they’ve never seen is a tissue box masquerading as treasure chest, so the company quickly went to work to create one, releasing it as a Village Vanguard exclusive.


The box comes in brown and red varieties. The game-style dialogue screen in these campaign photos reads: “The contents in the treasure box discovered by the hero were tissues…”


Village Vanguard is currently taking pre-orders for both varieties online, with deliveries scheduled for mid to late December. Priced at 2,700 yen (US$23.80) each, the affordable product means you’ll have change left over to add the Tweezers of Legend to your hero’s home collection!

Source, images: PR Times