Why wait to be zombified before you can enjoy some delicious brains?

Who among us hasn’t gazed upon a brick of dried instant ramen and noticed its resemblance to a human brain?

No? Fine. Be that way.

Nevertheless, novelty item dealers Village Vanguard and Panda Hole have teamed up and gone ahead with this concept anyway to bring you No-Men (Brain Noodles).

Some of you might be familiar with this collaboration, known as Villepan, from their previous innovations like pink army women featuring “Combat Queen Jennifer” and “Rocket Bitch Amanda.”

Or who could forget their line of hypocritical T-shirts which say one thing but show another?

▼ (Left) “Square” / (Right) “Edison”

With this product line, it’s easy to see that this is a company that very serious about mental well-being.

The noodles are colored pink just like a brain is… as far as I know, using Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as my medical reference. These tender neuro-noodles are soaked in a “brain broth” which according to the makers tastes just like miso and salt in a wonderful coincidence. And for advertising purposes, it is best served fresh out of a teenage girl’s parietal lobe.

But that’s not all! No-men contains vitamin B1, which helps the body get energy so that the brain can function more efficiently.

Sure you could argue that most food contains vitamin B1, but tut-tut now. Give your brain a rest until you eat some delicious No-Men, sold for 400 yen (US$3.60) a pack at Village Vanguard, then think about such matters.

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Source: Village Vanguard, Iroiro

Images: Village Vanguard, PR Times