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Designer hoping parents will come for the cat tail, stay for the baby bottom.

Japanese clothing label ekoD Works bills itself as producing “humorous art and design.” Some of its novelty apparel, though, carries a sense of humor with a decidedly adult slant, drawing stares from passersby who’re tricked into thinking they’re getting an eyeful of zipper or wet T-shirt-revealed cleavage.

But the company’s latest design is just for kids, as ekoD Works has put its equally active and quirky imagination to use in creating a romper suit for babies that shows while you love your little tyke, you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for adorable little kittens too.

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That may look like an extremely drafty/messy style to dress your child in, but it’s actually as warm and leak-resistant as any other short-sleeved onesie. Just like your child doesn’t actually have a tail, there’s not really a hole in the bottom of the suit; the printed image just makes it look that way.

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It’s debatable whether or not ekoD Works really needed to add such a pronounced simulated butt crack. The fake cutaway section though does do more to sell the illusion that your baby has a cat tail protruding from his or her tush, though, so the design does get points for realism. If the lime green version still has you straddling the fence as to whether this bit of baby fashion is weird or cute, perhaps the pink one will push you more towards the latter conclusion.

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The all-cotton Mimic Rompers Neko (as they’re officially called) can be ordered online here from novelty bookstore Village Vanguard for 4,320 yen (US$36), with shipping scheduled for mid-February. The 70-centimeter (28-inch) size is recommended for children between six and 11 months, with the 80-centimeter size is recommended for those from one to two years in age.

Oh, and remember that as real as they may look, wearing these won’t actually turn your child into a cat, so you can’t just put a litter box in the nursery and skip potty training altogether.

Source: Village Vanguard
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