Stay as warm as a momonga with winter loungewear designed to make you look cute and cosy at the same time.

With so many of us working from home and staying at home these days, the only clothes we seem to be buying are loungewear items, and the comfier they are, the better.

That doesn’t mean we have to feel frumpy though, especially with the creative team at novelty retail chain Village Vanguard looking out for us. Time and time again, they’ve proven that we can be comfortable and cute at the same time, with Taisho Roman kimono loungewear, fairytale heroine dresses for the home, and Sugar Romper costumes for those of us who’ve given up being an adult.

Now, Village Vanguard is giving us the chance to stay warm during winter in a wearable blanket. And it’s not just any old blanket — this one is designed to make its wearer look like an adorable flying squirrel!

The blanket measures 165 centimetres (65 inches) in width and 105 centimetres in length, which is just the right size to perfectly conceal your human form.

The design, from fashion brand Favorite, will have you feel like you’re flying from tree to tree as you rush with arms outstretched from one room to the other.

▼ The outfit also comes with a detachable tail.

The cleverly designed hood makes this blanket perfect for napping in, as the head markings on the hood will convince any co-habitants that they’ve stumbled upon a life-sized snoozing flying squirrel!

The Flying Squirrel Wearable Blanket retails for 13,178 yen (US$126.98) on the Village Vanguard site, where you can also pick up some foxy kitsune socks to give your outfit some extra animal flair.

Source, images: PR Times 
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