C’mon and add some Jomon to your life.

Japan has a long history leaving behind an array of unique and beautiful treasures, but none are quite as mysteriously breathtaking as the Kaengata Doki cup made some 5,000 years ago during Japan’s Jomon period. Despite the primitive age from which it came, its intricacy is outstanding and it continues to puzzle historians as to whether the flame-like protrusions from the top are purely ornamental or functional as well.

This earthenware vessel and others like it are full of a beauty and romance, unlike any other historical artifacts in Japan…

And now you can wear that same beauty and romance on your feet!

Lifestyle brand Felissimo has teamed up with Tokamachi City Museum Toppaku to create a line of fashion and home decoration goods based on these national treasures. First, drape your feet in socks frilled in patterns based on the actual Kaengata Doki and other works of Jomon-era pottery for 1,700 yen (US$12) each.

▼ Kaengata Doki

▼ Zaichikei Doki

▼ Ohkangata Doki

And I’m sure looking at all those jagged cups is making you want to snuggle up with one, am I right?

Well, Felissimo has you covered there too with the Jomon Yukihomura Cushion Cover, using a nickname for the Kaengata Doki and recreating it in a softer form for 5,000 yen ($34).

Just open it up and slide in some towels or throw pillows and wrap your arm around it as you nap or keep it on a shelf for some elegant safekeeping.

And for those who are too busy to enjoy an ancient earthenware cushion, Felissimo humbly offers the Ohkangata Doki Lunch Bag for 3,100 yen ($21).

Based on the cup named after its resemblance to a crown, this lunch sack is insulated so you can carry your hot soup around in subdued colors that also scream “I love prehistory!”

If reading the words “hot soup” and “prehistory” in the same sentence is getting you excited, then look no further than the Jomon Yukihomura Stacking Soup Mugs for 2,200 yen ($15).

Have all the mystique and elegance of the Kaengata Doki and drink from it without worrying about poking your eye with one of those pointy things on the top.

All of these items can be purchased from Felissimo’s website but since they are a part of the company’s Museum Division collaboration with Japan’s finest museums, they recommend you go pick your favorites up directly from Tokamachi City Museum Toppaku in Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture.

However you do it, you better act fast because supplies definitely won’t last as long as the cups they’re based on have.

Source, images: PR Times
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