Stroll through hidden alleyways filled with lights and lanterns in this beautiful homage to the night in Tokyo.

With its maze of narrow alleyways, shops, and tiny shrines nestled between high-rise buildings, a stroll around Tokyo during the day is always an exciting adventure. But when the sun sets and the streets begin to glitter with lanterns, neon signs and well-lit shopfronts, that’s when the city really starts to shine. Now a talented, self-taught photographer, Masashi Wakui, has captured the beauty of the city after dark in a series of atmospheric photos.

Lanterns of all shapes and sizes create beautiful focal points in a number of Wakui’s pictures.

Shopfronts and eateries emit a warm glow, bathing patrons and passers-by in pools of light on otherwise dark streets.

When taking this photo, Wakui was reminded of Nighthawks, a famous 1942 oil painting that depicts people in a diner late at night.

Train crossings are a familiar sight in the city, filling the quiet backstreets with lights and sound.

Ameyoko, located between Okachimachi and Ueno Stations on the Yamanote Line, is a bustling market street during the day. After the sun goes down, the shutters close, people go home and the busy area goes to sleep for the night.

These streetscapes capture a beautiful, serene stillness not often found in photos of the bustling metropolis.

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Source: Flickr/Masashi Wakui (h/t Bored Panda)
Top Image: Flickr/Masashi Wakui
Insert Images: Twitter/@masa_photo_jp