tanuki stove top

The warmest, fluffiest bundle of fur on Earth has finally been found.

Here at RocketNews24, we’re huge fans animals being cute and funny, especially when those animals are a bit uncommon, like tortoises and crows.

And perhaps the king of uncommon animals acting cute around the house is the tanuki. But thankfully Japanese Twitter user @chibi_tori seems determined to change that by showing off their adorable pet tanuki to the world.

Here’s the tweet that recently caught the attention of the internet: a tanuki warming itself by the cooking stove.

▼ “Oh what’s this? It smells… warm.”

tanuki stove 03

▼ “I’m not gonna get in trouble for this, am I?”

tanuki stove 01

▼ “I mean, it is really nice and warm….”

tanuki stove 02

▼ “OHHH YESSS! This feels good!”

tanuki stove 04

▼ And the tanuki falls asleep next to its new best friend.

tanuki stove top

And just to put away any fears of this tanuki having been kidnapped from the wild, we should mention that the owner rescued the tanuki after it was abandoned as a baby last June and has raised it ever since.

Having lived as a pet for so long, it’s practically more human than tanuki at this point, as these tweets show: (Click pics to enlarge.)

▼ Wow, my own dinners don’t even look half that good.
And I don’t even use a placemat….

zero (1)

zero (2)

zero (3)

zero (4)

▼ The tanuki investigates the stove more, enticed by the smell of cooking fish…

one (1)

one (2)

one (3)

one (4)

▼ And enjoys a nice nap and some toys after a busy day of playing in the snow!

two (3)

two (1)

two (2)

If you’ve fallen in love with @chibi_tori’s pet tanuki, then be sure to give them a follow on Twitter. Just a fair warning though, following them may induce uncontrollable squeals of delight and sudden urges to squeeze fluffy things.

Source: Twitter/@chibi_tori via Hamusoku (1, 2)
Images: Twitter/@chibi_tori