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Give your pup the gift of authority with a hat from this adorable 5-piece collection.

When it comes to gacha vending machine capsule toys, Japanese manufacturer Kitan Club never fails to please, with unusual items like PET bottle underpants, bikini-clad tanuki raccoon dog figures, and even Pikachu futons for mobile phones. Lately, they’ve been delving into headgear for pets, with cute bandannas and adorable sheep bonnets for cats to dress up in. Now they’re extending their creative range for pets with the new “Cute Dog Policeman” series, which features tiny caps in five designs to give your pets the sense of authority they deserve.

▼ For purists, there’s the classic navy blue design.


▼ For something a little less ordinary, there’s pale blue…


▼ Camouflage…

▼ or even pink!

▼ And for a bit of Navy-esque flair, there’s also a white-topped version.


The caps are designed to suit face circumferences of 22 – 35 centimetres (9 – 9.8  inches), so other animals like cats can enjoy them too! Priced at just 300 yen (US$3.00) each, the cute range is available from gacha capsule toy vending machines around the country.


Source, Images: KITAN CLUB
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