We couldn’t believe it when we found a pair of extremely comfortable socks for only 100 yen

When was the last time you bought a pair of socks for only US$0.89?

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Japan’s crazy new gigantic pants-style two-person sleeping bags keep you close to your loved one

And yes, you can get up and walk around while still inside the Super-big Wrapped in Warmth and Happy Fuzzy-lined Sleeping Bag.

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Japanese movie theater with kotatsu seating looks like it’s the best cinematic experience ever

Japan’s amazingly cozy heated tables combined with movie magic? Sounds like the perfect way to spend a winter day.

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Body jacket from China protects scooter riders from winter cold, throws dignity out the window

Who needs self-respect when you can stay warm?

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Snuggle up inside a bear this winter with the Korilakkuma wearable blanket from Japan

Whether you’re plodding around the house or hibernating in your room, this versatile robe has you covered in more ways than one!

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Tanuki warming itself in front of heater warms the hearts of Japanese Twitter users 【Pics】

The warmest, fluffiest bundle of fur on Earth has finally been found.

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Japanese aquariums with heated tables keep guests warm as they watch life under the sea

On a hot summer day, it’s hard to find a better way to beat the heat than with a visit to the aquarium. Whether you’re being entertained by dolphins performing tricks for an audience, or just quietly watching the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow as the fish swim in their tanks, it’s always a refreshing and soothing experience.

However, all of this gets reversed in the winter. Instead of looking cooling, the water just looks freezing, and aquariums regularly see attendance drop in step with the temperature. So how can they convince people to come see their friends from under the sea during the coldest part of the year?

In the case of two aquariums in Japan, by keeping visitors warm with heated “kotatsu” tables in front of their display tanks.

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Escape the cold this winter in a faceless fleece bodysuit!

Every year as the temperatures drop, Japan finds another creative way to make the cold winter months more bearable. This year, a Japanese outdoor product company has the newest way to keep warm—a full-body fleece suit that turns you into an anonymous humanoid!

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“Warm Share” Initiative Rewards Environmentally Friendly Residents with Discounts and Free Coffee

As much as Japanese people love to go on about how “Japan has four distinct seasons, you know!” (yes, so does the UK…), the gap between summer and winter – that fantastic period when you’re neither dripping with sweat nor trying to get the feeling back in your fingers –  is mercilessly short, and we already seem to be at the end of it.

Japanese buildings are usually made from lightweight materials and, outside of places like Hokkaido in the north, have very little insulation, which means they start getting cold as early as late October. By the time January arrives, you’re wearing a wooly hat in bed and putting off getting up as long as possible since it means surrendering your body to the icy air in the kitchen while frantically boiling the kettle to make a cup of anything hot.

While most of us try to be sparing in our use of our heating (except my neighbour who runs her air conditioner 24/7 so that it constantly sounds like there’s a car idling outside…), more often than not we burn more gas and electricity than we really need to, locked away in our private little sanctuaries.

With this in mind, a number of businesses, shops and community centres in Japan have launched a new campaign for winter, known as Warm Share, which encourages people to switch off their heating at home and head out to a heated public area where, as the name implies, they share the warmth with everyone else.

It’s good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet, it gets you out of the house.

But perhaps the coolest thing about Warm Share is the fact that many locations offer discount coupons and completely free hot drinks to visitors who simply utter the magic words: “I switched off my heating and came here instead.”

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