You’ll be snug as a Nook in a rug with these adorable, fashionable collaboration items!

It seems simultaneous years and seconds ago that Animal Crossing: New Horizons hit shelves, providing a much-needed respite from the menace of the pandemic. Though the game has been out for months now, in-game updates and the re-release of the ever-popular villager Amiibo cards mean that there’s plenty of content for animal enthusiasts to sink their teeth into. And that’s not even getting into the mountains of custom clothing!

Something that has felt lacking, though, is tie-in merchandise. The previous games have had plastic figurines and the like in their honor, but due to the ongoing pandemic similar goods haven’t appeared for New Horizons…until now!

Gelato Pique, a Japan-based luxury loungewear brand, offers up the goods.

Gelato Pique has rustled up some impossibly comfy pajama sets, as well as a host of bedtime accessories, which sport the game’s most iconic tanuki characters. The pajama sets even come with precious, animal-eared hoods so you too can feel just like a tiny, cute villager!

▼ Each hooded fleece parka top costs 6,800 yen (US$65.23).

The hooded parkas come in cream (with squirrel ears), grey (with cat ears), and brown (with tanuki ears). You can also purchase fleecy shorts in the same colors for 4,200 yen to complete the look. But those aren’t the only pajamas available! If you’re not quite as committed to cosplaying a cuddly critter, Gelato Pique has some more conservative prints. The Character and Fruits prints feature small, cute patterns of villagers’ faces or the series’ classic native fruits.

▼ Each shirt is 5,400 yen, while the pajama bottoms are 5,200 yen.

And there’s even more beyond pajamas. If you would rather fork out for a cuddly, cozy blanket with Timmy and Tommy Nook’s faces in Jacquard knit, you can purchase one of two designs for 5,800 yen. 3,400 yen will net you a pair of unbelievably adorable tanuki slippers to keep your paws warm, and there’s also a face cushion made of the same lovely, nubbly texture for the same price and a pouch printed in the tiny designs showcased earlier, again for 3,400 yen.

▼ Fill your whole bedroom with tanukis!

There are a variety of different designs and the line comes in both adult and junior sizes. Preorders are open now on the official Gelato Pique online store, with orders expected to ship around December 22 — right when you’ll want to cuddle up in something warm.

Source: Gelato Pique via Netlab
Images: Gelato Pique
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