detective pikachu 3

Rocking the deerstalker like our homeboy Sherlock, this custom Detective Pikachu amiibo is on the case!

February 3, 2016 is a day that will live on in Pikachu history as it’s the official release date for the talking Pikachu detective game for the Nintendo 3DS. A lot of Pokémon fans are ecstatic at the prospect of a new adventure featuring one of the most popular pocket monsters ever. While there are plenty of ways to celebrate, there is probably isn’t anything cooler than creating your own custom Detective Pikachu amiibo.

This amazing figure was created by GandaKris, who actually customizes and sells amiibos on her Facebook page. Anyone can just stick a funny looking hat on top of a Pikachu amiibo and call it a day, but GandaKris went all out with decorative props and a pipe!

▼ The amiibo was so amazing that it quickly got fan-made box art to go along with it.


detective pikachu 2Amiibo News

We can all dream about putting this cute little guy up on our shelf along with the other normal, boring official amiibos in our collection. However, if you actually want to physically own something like this, you should keep an eye on GandaKris’ Facebook for announcements. While you’re there, take a look at all the rest of her custom amiibo projects. There are even some tutorial videos in case you want to roll up your sleeves and try altering one for yourself.

H/T: Kotaku USA
Top Image: Instagram/ganda_kris