Tokyo taking a stand on walking up and down escalators

But are people willing to undo the long-running social custom of only standing on one side of an escalator?

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Mr. Sato gets surprised with the Mr. Sato Car for his birthday

Usually people would be happy to get a car for their birthday, but in this case we were giving Mr. Sato even odds that he might punch us.

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New Detective Pikachu already has an amiibo, unofficially

Rocking the deerstalker like our homeboy Sherlock, this custom Detective Pikachu amiibo is on the case!

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Normal Behavior in Japan, Taboo Abroad

Did you know that in some parts of the world, flashing a thumbs-up is just as bad as sticking up your middle finger? And in Japan, it’s perfectly okay to slurp and make noises while enjoying a meal?

As shown by these examples, what’s considered proper behavior in one country could be considered taboo in another, and as the world continues to shrink, it’s important to understand these cultural differences. In order to help prevent cultural faux pas while traveling abroad, a recent article on Japanese website Matome Naver highlighted things that are considered normal, everyday behavior in Japan, but are taboo in other countries. Let’s take a look at the list!

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Custom Made Notebooks Going Like Custom Made Hotcakes

A bookstore called Sanseido, in the Jinbo book selling district of Tokyo, on 1 April announced that they would be selling custom-made notebooks, and it wasn’t a joke.  In fact, they have been flying off the shelves, which is good because these books are ready to take away moments after ordering them.

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