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As if we needed another reason to be jealous of their warm, fuzzy coats.

So we already know that fallen snow can make already beautiful things even more spellbinding, and make strange-looking things even more bizarre, but what does it do to cute things – namely, pandas?

Thankfully we don’t have to wonder any longer! The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. released this video of Tian Tian, their 19-year-old male giant panda, enjoying himself in the recent blizzard.

Watch the adorable video here, or scroll down for highlights:

▼ First Tian Tian rolls down the hill in giant panda roly-poly fashion…

tian tian 01

▼ …shakes his head in disbelief over what he’s seeing…

tian tian 02

▼ …and then sticks his foot in his mouth because, you know,
that’s just what you do when you’re excited about snow.

tian tian 03

▼ “Oh my god I can’t believe it!”

tian tian 04

▼ “Woah, wait! There’s snow over here too?!”

tian tian 05

▼ “Oh my god I can’t believe it!”

tian tian 06

Want to see more videos of pandas playing in snow and wobbling around? Check out the Smithsonian National Zoo’s official YouTube page. Bao Bao’s First Snow Day and Bei Bei’s First Steps should give you all of your daily recommended percent of panda-peeping pleasure in one sitting.

Source/images: Smithsonian’s National Zoo