Say, “Moon Prism Power, make up!” for a flawless finish with Moon Romance’s ever-growing line of Sailor Moon beauty products, including their all-new eyeliner collection.

Creer Beaute, the makers of the Miracle Romance line from that include Sailor Moon perfume, chopsticks and lip balms, are back with their newest offering: liquid and pencil eyeliners in the form of the original anime’s Moon Stick, Disguise pen, Spiral Moon Heart Moon Rod and more.

That’s right, the brand has taken their original Sailor Moon eyeliner and given it a power up by adding decorative caps to resemble wands and rods used by Sailor Moon and Mini Moon in the series, priced at 1,400–1,600 yen (approximately US$11.60–$13.25) each.


Combine them with previous inner scout colors to re-create this cute and girly look that’s sure to help you capture your one true love and show them you’re not just another damsel in distress.

In addition to eyeliner and previously offered moon powder compacts and perfume, they’ve also added beauty masks and a nail polish collection.

▼ Unfortunately it might take us normal users a little longer to get that perfect manicure.

Most of the line-up can be found on Premium Bandai and Amazon Japan, and for those looking for something a little more old school, don’t forget to check out Creer Beaute’s Rose of Versailles and Urusei Yatsura eyeliner series, too!


Source: Miracle Romance, YouTube/Creer Beaute
Feature/top image: Miracle Romance, edited by RocketNews24
Insert images: Tumblr/capturing-sailormoon, Love Darling Cosme