We kid you not, this book has the stones to feature a very specific part of a male cat’s anatomy.

If the Internet has taught us anything, it has taught us that everything will have its niche following. It doesn’t matter what it is, someone out there absolutely loves it. In some certain cases, it’s a whole lot of someones…enough to sell a whole book about it.


This book titled, Nyantama (literally “Meowballs”) is apparently the very first of its kind, and we’re honestly not surprised by that fact. Who would have previously thought about making a book filled with pictures of cat balls? They are certainly not the first “features” you would choose to describe a member of the cat species. However, now that we think about it, Japan has previously shown a fascination with fuzzy testicles.

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We guess it makes perfect sense for a book like this to be on sale in Japan. The description on the site says, “Soft to the touch and cute. But a little embarrassing.” We can’t speak for the rest of the cat owners out there, but “a little embarrassing”? More like very embarrassing! The softcover book (as soft as a pair of furry cat testicles) has been on sale for 1,080 yen (US$9.15) since earlier this year and it currently holds a perfect five-star rating, although only nine people have had the balls to leave a review.

Whether you are a fan yourself, or are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, Nyantama is definitely a book that is going to start a lot of conversations. Just make sure you have your excuses ready if you decide to display it on your coffee table.

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