You don’t need expensive tools or high-tech drawing tablets to create works of art—all you need is a roll of humble masking tape.

Visual artists such as Tracey Emin have already shown that literally anything can be classified as art. If an unmade bed can be displayed in the Tate Modern then surely there’s space in the annals of art history for that indispensable but unremarkable tool residing in everyone’s junk drawer: masking tape.

An exhibition in Japan is currently showcasing the kind of art that can be created with just a few simple rolls of tape and a wide-open space in which to creatively use them. Check out the photos below taken by one Twitter user on their visit to the exhibit. While most people commenting on the images have expressed being vaguely disconcerted by the bold, linear patterns, there’s no denying that they make for an eye-catching scene.

The exhibition is titled “mt ex”, short for “masking tape exhibition”, and is being held in the first-floor main gallery at 3331 Arts Chiyoda until February 9. Other features include special gachapon containing limited-edition tape, a masking tape workspace where you can stick tape to your heart’s content, and masking tape badge-making. Visit their English website for more information on exhibitions, opening times, and how to get there.


Source: Twitter via Hamusoku
Images: @konifar on Twitter, 3331 Arts Chiyoda