We’re sure you know that duct tape is not just for taping ventilation ducts. With its superb adhesion and strength, duct tape works like a magic spell for holding things together, and is a savior around the house as a quick repair solution.

If you’re an avid duct tape user, or haven’t realized what else you can do with duct tape besides fixing pipes and ducts, here are some creative (and some outrageous) ideas for using the powerful tape!

It’s durable, it’s flexible, it’s water-resistant, it has excellent holding power… it’s duct tape! Every household should have a roll or two of these multi-purpose adhesive tapes… or ten. Because you’ll never know when it’ll come in handy. But looking at these crazy ways of using duct tape, we guess it’ll come in handy sooner than expected!

▼ Use it to secure luggage during transportation, be it to your car…611-610x360

▼ …or to yourself.collegehumor.f97cb9c02c32084a4fde24b71d7fbde4-465x315

▼ Need a bigger dose of caffeine? Duct tape two cups into one.duct_tape_coffee

▼ Who needs IKEA when you’ve got duct tape and an old chair frame?ducttype-4

▼ Park your bicycle anywhere you like.ducttype-8

▼ Why spend money on book or tablet holders?ducttype-10

▼ Thinking of hiring a bartender for your Christmas party? Forget it, just use your wall.ducttype-7

▼ Repairing a canoe has never been easier!ducttype-9

▼ Emergency car repair. It even comes with windows!711-610x360

▼ This one might hurt a little… on the bright side, the results would last longer than shaving!1511-610x360

▼ Make your own avant-garde fashion items.1711-610x360



▼ Water-resistant bags too!IMG_1682-658x438

▼ Or make a cute little sun visor for your furkid.1115-610x360

▼ Resurface your sneakers. Look Ma, brand new!Bizzare-Duct-tape-uses4

▼ We really don’t know what’s happening here… a gift wrapping idea, perhaps?duct_tape_bike-658x493

▼ This duct tape bra doesn’t really look all that different from this fancy Frozen bra at a glance…ducttype-1

▼ Complete the set with a pair of matching duct tape undies!ducttype-11

▼ Your very own futuristic prom dress.th75co3039-24_lg

▼ Use colored duct tape for more design variation.1311-610x360

▼ You could buy a few new games with the money saved from making your own computer case.1011-610x360

▼ Babysitting for dummies. Remember to include the plushie to reduce chances of resistance.tape-babysitter

▼ A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view.ducttype-6

Muggle magic tape! Just like with magic, results may vary depending on the skill of its wielder, so try these taping methods at your own risk!

Source: Thumbpress via Zhaizhai News
Images: Thumbpress, Bitrebels