Who said wrist rests have to be boring?

In Japan, a computer wrist rest is more than just a soft, cushiony item designed for support and comfort; it’s a blank canvas full of design opportunities and an open invitation to go crazy and bring out the cute.

Nailing the kawaii objective is the “PC character cushion“, which includes a variety of cute and well-known critters to bring you wrist support and some much-needed company at the same time.


▼ Kapibara-san, modelled on the real-life capybara, is one of Japan’s most beloved characters. The large, four-legged rodent now comes with his own colourful keyboard, which acts as a rest for your wrists as you type.


▼ Wrist rests are detachable so you can use them with or without the plush character.


While the standard retail price for a PC character cushion is 5,616 yen (US$47.80), you can pick up Kapibara-san online for 2,990 yen plus postage. If you’re looking to spend time with Funassyi, the local mascot for Funabashi city in Chiba Prefecture, he’s available for 4,780 yen plus postage.


The latest cute characters to join the lineup are Komasan from the hugely successful video game and anime franchise Yokai Watch and the ever popular Rilakkuma, “relaxed bear”, both on the market for 5,616 yen each.


▼ Because Rilakkuma’s a chilled kind of bear, he carries around a cushion instead of a keyboard.

Komasan looks absolutely adorable with his fiery blue eyebrows. He comes complete with lime-green eyes, an adorable smile and his trademark green pouch.


One of the best things about using these snuggly characters is they keep your mid-section warm, which is particularly useful when working at metal-framed desks.


▼ And while you’re away from your desk, they can sit in for you, keeping watch over your belongings. Just make sure Komasan doesn’t make any large ice cream orders online in your absence!


Source: Premium Bandai
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