3 Coins brings out new items with Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi to celebrate the finale of the anime’s reboot.

Last month, we took a look at a huge line of very affordable Sailor Moon merch from 3 Coins, one of Japan’s favorite lifestyle brands. The collection was part of the lead-up to the release of Sailor Moon Cosmos, the newest theatrical anime installment in the franchise.

But Sailor Moon Cosmos is a two-part movie, with the second half debuting at the end of this month, and at right about the same time it’s hitting screens there’s also a second round of Sailor Moon 3 Coins items hitting store shelves and the brand’s online shop, and once again it’s all remarkably low-priced, especially considering the premium that’s often charged for A-list anime collaboration items, with nothing over 1,100 yen (US$8.15).

With the second half of Sailor Moon Cosmos being, ostensibly, the conclusion of the Sailor Moon anime reboot, things are no doubt going to be taking a turn for the dramatic, and that’s reflected in a lot of the artwork in the new collection, such as this shimmery-material eco shopping bag.

▼ The Inner Senshi, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, show up on an eco bag of their own.

Alternatively, you can toss your shopping in a canvas tote with the lunar star.

Too understated? The folding compact mirror, based on the latest piece of Sailor Moon’s magical regalia, is sure to turn heads while you check your face.

Also shining with visual appeal are the aurora pouches, made with material that glimmers like the Northern Lights.

▼ A second pouch shows a tender moment between Usagi and Mamoru (seen here without his customary tuxedo and mask).

The Inner Senshi check in again with an accessory case and memo pad featuring a variety of different page illustrations.

These items also come in Sailor Moon variants, with Sailor Chibi Moon appearing on the accessory case.

If you’re looking for more stationery, there’s a set of what are called “fusen” in Japanese, basically Post-it stickers, for organizing.

One of the few pieces in the new collection in which Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi appear together is this card case, for IDs or rail passes.

▼ Though Sailor Moon can go solo here too.

Rounding out the lineup are key holders, one for Sailor Moon and one for Sailor Chibi Moon…

smartphone stands

…a sparkly clear file

…two different masking tape designs, one featuring the Sailor Starlights…

…and, last, an eyeglass case.

▼ The Usagi/Mamoru artwork appears on the included lens cloth.

As mentioned above, everything is very budget-friendly. Even if all you’ve got to spend is 330 yen (US$2.45), that’s enough to get you an aurora pouch, accessory case, fusen set, clear file, smartphone stand, key holder, memo pad, card case, roll of masking tape, or the eyeglass case/lens cloth combo. Got 550 yen to splurge with? Then you can get one of the eco or tote bags. And if you just won the lottery or something and have 1,100 yen to drop, you can get the mirror, which is the only item here with a quadruple-digit price tag.

The whole lineup goes on sale July 1 at 3 Coins branches across Japan and July 3 here on Pal Closet, 3 Coins’ online store.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Three Coins
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