Will the cute black cat receive the red carpet treatment or will he be refused entry at the door for not having a ticket?

Hiroshima’s Onomichi City Museum of Art has been doing a lot of advertising for its new cat exhibition lately, which will be held on the premises from 25 June – 14 August. Simply called “Cats – Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition”, the collection of photos shows happy felines captured in a number of sunny street-side poses by Iwago, a 66-year-old Tokyo-born photographer. News of the exhibition now appears to have spread to the feline world, with one cute cat seen trying to gain entry to the museum several days after the opening of the exhibit.


Twitter user @mukusuke snapped a few photos of the unusual visitor, eager to see whether cats would be allowed entry to an exhibition held in their honour, or if they might be able to use their powers of stealth to sneak by the ticket counter at the front door. The cute black cat, however, played it cool by sitting in the middle of the mat at the entrance, possibly waiting for a red carpet to be rolled out before him once the humans became aware of his presence.


Instead of bowing deeply to the cat and welcoming it inside as a guest of honour though, the security guard came rushing out, shooing the defeated-looking cat away.

▼ Aww…so close, kitty!


Despite being turned away, the cat received a huge outpouring of support from fellow Twitter users, who were quick to express their love for the brave cat’s antics.

“What a charming scene!”
“Please guard – let him in next time!”
“I hope the guard spoke cat to him so he could understand what was going on.”
“I like how the kitty brought a smile to the face of the girl at the reception desk.”
“Iwago’s cat-charming power is so great that felines are automatically called towards his exhibition!” 

We can’t help but wonder if the cat will return again, this time with more friends by his side, in an effort to try and muscle their way in to see their fellow felines at the exhibition. If they do want to return for another attempt, they have until August 14 to gather the troops!

Source: Buzzmag
Images: Twitter/@mukusuke