Whoever said that “cats rule and dogs drool?” Subaru brings back the Barkleys with five new amusing car commercials!

You may remember the Barkleys from January 2014, when Subaru’s “In the Dog House” commercial became quite a sensation. This year, the Barkleys are making a comeback in the car company’s new five-part slice-of-life commercial series.

As much as we love cats here at RocketNews24, we have to admit that it was a refreshing change of pace to get some adorable puppy love back into our lives. Check out the full new series of commercials featuring the attractive Labrador/golden retriever family below.

“Puppy: The Barkleys’ bedtime routine goes awry”

▼ “Bad Hair Day: The Barkleys have a hair-raising experience”

“Doggie Bag: The Barkleys enjoy a night out””

“Phone Navigation: The Barkleys try to find their way home”

“Windshield Wiper: The Barkleys’ parade gets rained on”

If the number of YouTube views are any indication, it seems like the Barkleys have already driven right into the hearts of viewers everywhere! We’ll be counting on Subaru to keep us entertained with many future installments of the doggie family in the months to come.

Source: Design Taxi
Top image: YouTube/Subaru