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Ignore the fact that it features a pretty lady with ample cleavage — this video contains important information about detecting early signs of cancer.

October may be breast cancer awareness month, but cancer never waits for a specific time to rear its ugly head. Doctors recommend that women should perform a self-examination at least once a month. So please, watch this video so you know exactly how you should move your hands to perform an accurate assessment of your breast situation.

Some of you might find the process to be a complicated one, so be sure to watch the video over and over to make sure you’ve got the technique down pat. Or, if pictures are more your thing, here are some hands-y photos to figure out the correct position and the correct amount of pressure to use.

▼ Master the three-finger form.

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▼ Apply repeated touches to the area in question.

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▼ Press-to!

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The health-conscious lady showcased in this informative video goes by the name Munkaw on social media sites and online gaming platforms. She’s the eSports Thai Ambassador and relays the latest in gaming news as well as being quite a skilled gamer herself.

Early detection of breast cancer is key to keeping the amount of affected tissue low and women, especially in high-risk groups, should be checking themselves regularly. Do your part for your health, lift your hand over your head, take a stand against breast cancer and get checking!


For more information about breast cancer, speak to your doctor or visit the American Cancer Society or Cancer Research UK.

Source: AOL News. 
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