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You mean there’s a video that takes the world of Star Wars and combines it with the ruthless fun of Mario Kart? YES, PLEASE!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a plumber.

▼ “It’s- a-me, Mario!”

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He wasn’t satisfied with the regular racing roads of the Mario Circuit or Bowser’s Castle and was getting a little bored with his car too. So he took his races to Outer Rim, or at least the team over at Dark Pixel did.

The video, which took a year to make, expertly combines the heroes and villains of Mario Kart and puts them into the memorable space craft and scenes from the Star Wars universe. Mario pilots the legendary X-wing while his younger brother Luigi is stuck in the less memorable (and technically slower) Y-wing. Of course, Bowser finds himself in the cockpit of Darth Vader’s TIE advanced and does whatever he can to knock Mario off the course. For the sake of safety, the racers agreed that there would be no lasers or concussion missiles, just the normal items from Mario Kart.

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The racetrack eventually winds its way to the first Death Star, where a familiar scene plays out between a TIE fighter, an X-wing, and a trench. Who can save Mario in his time of need?

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The Dark Pixel team seamlessly combined the amazing worlds in the Star Wars universe with the frantic play of Mario Kart in this exciting video. They’ve made plenty more, so be sure to check them out on their YouTube page, and next time you get together with some friends to play some Mario Kart, may the Force be with you!

Source: YouTube/Dark Pixel
H/T: Kotaku JP
Images: YouTube/Dark Pixel