Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Your search is nearly over!

Japanese Twitter and Niconico Douga user Glass-yaro is a professional glassworker who regularly posts photos and videos of his work online for others to enjoy. There’s no doubt he’s quite talented, but it seems his talents aren’t limited to producing beautiful designs, like the crab claw pictured below.

It turns out the glassworker is also adept at creating toys as well — toys for adults that is. Glass-yaro recently posted a video showing off a range of these items for grown ups and they were so pretty we just had to share them. Some of them are actually quite beautiful and we’d almost want to buy them just for display purposes! At least, that’s what we’ll be telling our mothers…

Let’s take a look at the first creation from his video! Here’s a…well, we think you can guess what this is.

▼ A glass shoryo uma, perhaps?


And next we have this color piece made of spiraling glass beads. We’re pretty sure this is used to clear out clogged drains…


This DNA double helix is actually pretty amazing no matter what it’s meant to be used for!

▼ Our guess is that it’s for scratching your back.


No use being coy about this next item — it is clearly a fox tail wine plug! A great way to keep your opened bottles of wine fresh while also giving them a fancy hat.

▼ Who doesn’t love a fancy hat?


Glass-yaro also makes beautiful orbs filled with planets and stars, like this single orb on a glass rod. It’s probably not much good on its own, but…


▼ …with three orbs, we bet you can give yourself a good, deep massage!


The glassworker has also created a giant glass rod with a rose theme — complete with thorns! This toy might be designed for the more masochistic among us.


▼ There’s a nice little rose bud on the end!


And, finally, here’s a long-handled set of nine beads with an adorable ladybug perched on the end of the handle. We’re guessing it helps you maintain your grip even when you’re shaking all over—you know, if you suddenly feel very cold or something.


▼ Aw! So cute!


To get a look a some of the processes involved in creating the toys for adults, be sure to check out Glass-yaro’s videos. The first one has close-ups of each of the items above in addition to scenes showing some of the trickier steps involved.

And this video shows a lot more detail for the nine-bead rod, including how the beads are basically welded together!

Be sure to follow Glass-yaro on Twitter to see regular photos of his work, like the glass monkey below. You should also check out his Niconico Douga list of videos for more glasswork videos!

And if you need a little encouragement to use these toys with a lover, Singapore might be able to help you out.

Sources/images: Niconico Douga/Glass-yaro