These fantasy figures look almost real!

Though she’s only been making felt figures since 2013, the artist who goes by the name Kurone Hijikata has clearly mastered her craft! Her figures have captured a lot of attention online, thanks in part to her use of wool felt, which gives the dolls a rather realistic look. We imagine of part their popularity might also be owed to Kurone’s expert ability at crafting well-shaped, um, posteriors.

▼ Kurone’s most recent creation, still a work in progress.

felt0 (3)

▼ One of the posteriors in question

felt0 (2)

felt0 (1)

As you’ve probably already noticed, Kurone also likes include a bevy of fantasy elements in her figures, from animal-like ears, claws, and teeth to dragon horns, like the bust below.

She’s also clearly drawn some inspiration from one of the most popular fantasy novels of all time, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s not quite Dragonlance, of course, but there’s little question that Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole was quite fantastical! And we have to say that we quite like Kurone’s take on Lewis Carroll’s story.

▼ And here’s Alice herself!

Of course, Kurone has done a lot more outside of Alice’s universe!

▼ This could be the most riveting game of red vs blue yet!

felt3 (1)Twitter/@hijikatakurone

▼ We’re not sure we should trust this trio…

▼ But this pair looks absolutely harmless!

▼ And sometimes it seems like her dolls are more like models…

▼ She took this one out for a photoshoot with a photographer!

We have no idea how Kurone creates these figures, but we definitely look forward to seeing what she makes next!

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Sources: Twitter/@hijikatakurone, Kurone Hijikata, Kai-you
Featured image: Twitter/@hijikatakurone