Japanese grandma’s handmade felt toys are incredibly realistic, look good enough to eat

With such beautiful attention to detail, we’d take these over real snacks any day.

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Adorable wool felt fails show crafting isn’t as easy as it looks 【Photos】

Proof that the cute animals on the packs don’t always turn out as expected.

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Decorate your bag and clothes with these totally adorable pin-free brooches!

These furry brooches look amazing … and the best part? You don’t have to worry about creating holes in your clothes or bags! 

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Book publisher unable to keep up with demand for guide to creating adorable woollen animal heads

With cute little faces like these, it’s easy to see why.

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These leggy felt figures are utterly fabulous, totally bootylicious and only barely safe for work

These fantasy figures look almost real!

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Giant, realistic cat head made from felt is impressive but kind of terrifying

Students in the art of needle felting in Japan have created this wearable cat head that’s so realistic it looks like it’s been Photoshopped into these pictures. It’s incredibly impressive, but there’s just something about the realism combined with its huge size that makes it undeniably disconcerting.

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Felt crafting gets bonus cute points with Natsume’s Book of Friends’ Nyanko-Sensei

If you’ve spent enough time loitering around Etsy or Pinterest, you might already know of the ludicrously adorable world of needle felting, and people’s propensities for adorable needle-felted animal crafts. (A cursory search on Etsy also turns up felt Pokémon and Ghibli critters.)

For those just plunging into the world of felt crafting, though, there are plenty of books and kits out there that can show you the way and provide you instructions. Including this one from MOE magazine and crafts author Susa Suna Tomoko (previous works include a book on felt dogs, cats, and woodland creatures).

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Here’s a magic frame that can warp a cat’s butt through your wall

If you’re a cat lover, you must love cats’ butts too! Of course, their fluffy expressive tails too! Maybe you love them so much you just wanna hang their perky posterior on the wall of your room… all right, that sounded a bit weird. We’re not talking about hanging real cat butts on your wall. No way, that’s just creepy.

We’re talking about these adorable felted cat bums! More pictures after the jump!

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These are probably the most realistic needle felted cats we’ve ever seen!【Photos】

Did you, by any chance, think that the picture up there was of a real cat? If you still think we’re trying to trick you, take a closer look! As real as it may seem, the cat pictured above is actually a hand-crafted needle felted cat made out of sheep wool! Produced by the skillful hands of Tamako from Nekolabo, these little needle felt felines have been getting quite a bit of attention on Instagram, especially among Japanese cat lovers!

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This is what happened when we tried to make a cute wool felt Shiba Inu!【Arts & Crafts】

With the winter cold now upon us in Japan, we suppose it’s natural that some of us should feel more partial than usual to warm, fuzzy-looking objects — like wool felt dolls, for instance. And in that spirit, one of our reporters from our sister site Pouch decided to try her hand at making her own felt doll herself. Sounds like a nice little project that should result in a cute hand-made creation, right?

This same reporter has previously written a story about a felt-craft project gone horribly wrong that had been shared on Twitter, in which what was supposed to turn into a cute cat ended up as, well … a bizarre-looking creature that’s hard to describe accurately. Could it really be that difficult to make a decent-looking felt doll? Our reporter’s account follows.

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Grumpy Cat is Not Pleased After Japanese Wool Felt Artist Shaves The Furry Bits

Wool felt crafting is fast becoming a popular hobby these days. With new techniques and innovative designs, more and more people are taking out their needles and dusting off their glue guns to test the boundaries of the craft. The results are wide and varied; some crafters choose to create cute, brightly coloured toys and accessories, and others prefer to sculpt half-shaved animals with pissed off faces.

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